I created this blog as a teenager to write reviews about books I enjoyed to recommend them for other teenagers. Now that I am an adult going to school to become a secondary art and english teacher, it seems fitting to continue using this blog except this time as an adult looking for adolescent appropriate fiction. For the next few months I will be posting about various texts I am reading for a class about teaching literature to adolescents.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Celia Bowen is a girl with unusual abilities. She is a magician, or as her father prefers to call it, an enchanter. She is not the only one with these abilities. Most people have to learn though, she is a natural. Her father and another man set up challenges in which two magical opponents face off over years and years of time in a specific venue. Celia becomes apart of one of these challenges and must defeat Marco Alisdair in the setting of a circus.

The Night Circus takes place in Cirque Des RĂªves, or the circus of dreams. This particular circus only runs at night. This circus is so large and vast that even some of the circus performers don't even know all of it's attributes! Each act has its own tent with a few people performing outside. It is a traveling circus in the late 1800s.

I loved it so much! In fact The Night Circus is now officially my favorite book, which I don't say lightly... It is written really well. Erin Morgenstern puts life to a mystical circus that makes the reader aspire to experience it in real life. Honestly, I want to LIVE in this book! I recommend it for anyone, literally. It is a romance, fantasy, historical fiction, it even has a little bit of a mystery in it.

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