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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a cyborg which means part of her body is made of machines, and is ostracized or ignored and ridiculed by society because of that. An epidemic has struck earth killing off humans at astonishing rates. Cinder's sister Peony becomes gets diagnosed with this incurable disease. Cinder's step mom or as she calls her, her legal guardian signs Cinder up to be a test subject to find the cure. In doing so Cinder finds out surprising facts about herself that she didn't see coming.

Cinder takes place in Eastern Asia in the future. In a country called New Beijing. There is a people that live on the moon called Lunars that are constantly disagreeing with humans. Queen Levana is considered evil and threatens Prince Kai into marrying her creating political distress when he refuses.

I enjoyed the originality of Cinder. I haven't heard of anything like the future Meyers creates in this book. I however didn't like the predictability of Cinder. Several chapters in I was able to guess the ending before I was even half way. Other than that though it is a great book.

I recommend this book for anyone who is into an easy sci-fy read. I want to make it noted that this book is a sci-fy spinoff of Cinderella.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Celia Bowen is a girl with unusual abilities. She is a magician, or as her father prefers to call it, an enchanter. She is not the only one with these abilities. Most people have to learn though, she is a natural. Her father and another man set up challenges in which two magical opponents face off over years and years of time in a specific venue. Celia becomes apart of one of these challenges and must defeat Marco Alisdair in the setting of a circus.

The Night Circus takes place in Cirque Des RĂªves, or the circus of dreams. This particular circus only runs at night. This circus is so large and vast that even some of the circus performers don't even know all of it's attributes! Each act has its own tent with a few people performing outside. It is a traveling circus in the late 1800s.

I loved it so much! In fact The Night Circus is now officially my favorite book, which I don't say lightly... It is written really well. Erin Morgenstern puts life to a mystical circus that makes the reader aspire to experience it in real life. Honestly, I want to LIVE in this book! I recommend it for anyone, literally. It is a romance, fantasy, historical fiction, it even has a little bit of a mystery in it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

If I stay by Gayle Forman

Mia has everything anyone could want; amazing parents, a loving devoted boyfriend, an adoring little brother, and a best friend. One day that all changes. She and her family go on a car ride, and get in a fatal car crash. Her parents are both dead on the spot, and she and her brother are in critical condition. Mia has to choose to live on earth with the few things left in her life, or join her parents in death. What would you choose?

If I stay takes place in a hospital in Portland Oregon, and in her mind. Half of the book is spent her recounting memories from Mia's past.

Gayle Forman put an interesting twist to being in a coma, that I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked how you got to experience reading her memories as well as read the present. I like the conflicts placed to make her decision that much harder to make.

I recommend this book for anyone. I would like to point out that this book, while very good and captivating, can be quite the downer. It is sad and depressing.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

What if you only lived till you turned seventeen? What if you reincarnated every seventeen years? What if everytime you kissed your beloved you died? What if your beloved had to survive each and every one of your lifetimes? What if? Lucinda Price a newly enroled student of Sword and Cross, a reform school for rebelious teenagers, is brought into a world she has never known. When she first laid eyes on him she felt inexplicably drawn to Daniel Grigori, she feels like she has known him from somewhere, yet Luce knows that she would have remembered him. It seemed like they shared a moment, then he raised his hand and flipped her off. Despite his hostile behavior, Luce feels the need to get to know him. 

Fallen takes place in a reform school in the middle of Georgia.

I love the suspense in Fallen! I found it intriguing how Daniel will be hot one moment then he will turn cold. 

I recommend this book for anyone who loves a good romance. I recommend it for people who enjoy an angel fiction. It will appeal to teenage girls.

Monday, February 13, 2012

2/10/2012 The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

While working at the bookstore Josh observes his boss Nick Fleming encounter a strange being. Sophie, Josh's twin witnesses some odd going ons in the bookstore across the street. When Perry Fleming strolls on into the coffee shop and becomes aware that her, and her husband's arch enemy Dee had found them again. Josh is completely astounded and disbelieving of what his eyes are telling him- that his average nothing out of the ordinary boss is doing magic! How obsurd! Dee, the enemy, keeps asking for a book. In the end Dee ends up kidnapping Perry and taking the book in the process. Josh and Sophie's life just changed dramatically.

The Alchemyst is written really well. It is very descriptive and puts a clear picture in your mind even when its something that doesn't exist.

2/3/2012. Beautiful Chaos

Ethan found out why he was forgetting things he never would have before. It's because he died and came back to life. In the process of doing so half his soul is dead and the other half is alive. Lena believes that Ethan is "the one who is two".

I like the unexpected turmoil throughout the story. I don't like how Amma is lying to Ethan.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eon by Alison Goodman

Eon is about a girl who masquerades as a boy to become a dragoneye apprentice. It is the year of the rat. Eon has a special ability, she can see all of the dragins in the energy world. This ability of hers is their, her and her masters, hope for her to be picked. Can Eon a simple girl become a dragoneye, and survive all of the politics? Will she be caught, because if she is, she will die?

Eon takes place in a country in East Asia inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures.

I loved Eon! I couldnt put it down! I like all of the mystery and drama Goodman created!

I recommend Eon for anyone who is open, and not judgemental of people different from themselves, because there are some controversial ideals within the book. It is about 600 pages long, don't be alarmed by it's size, it's a really easy read. I also recommend this book for anyone who loves a good fantasy story, or anyone who enjoys dragons.