I created this blog as a teenager to write reviews about books I enjoyed to recommend them for other teenagers. Now that I am an adult going to school to become a secondary art and english teacher, it seems fitting to continue using this blog except this time as an adult looking for adolescent appropriate fiction. For the next few months I will be posting about various texts I am reading for a class about teaching literature to adolescents.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a cyborg which means part of her body is made of machines, and is ostracized or ignored and ridiculed by society because of that. An epidemic has struck earth killing off humans at astonishing rates. Cinder's sister Peony becomes gets diagnosed with this incurable disease. Cinder's step mom or as she calls her, her legal guardian signs Cinder up to be a test subject to find the cure. In doing so Cinder finds out surprising facts about herself that she didn't see coming.

Cinder takes place in Eastern Asia in the future. In a country called New Beijing. There is a people that live on the moon called Lunars that are constantly disagreeing with humans. Queen Levana is considered evil and threatens Prince Kai into marrying her creating political distress when he refuses.

I enjoyed the originality of Cinder. I haven't heard of anything like the future Meyers creates in this book. I however didn't like the predictability of Cinder. Several chapters in I was able to guess the ending before I was even half way. Other than that though it is a great book.

I recommend this book for anyone who is into an easy sci-fy read. I want to make it noted that this book is a sci-fy spinoff of Cinderella.

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