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Monday, February 13, 2012

2/10/2012 The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

While working at the bookstore Josh observes his boss Nick Fleming encounter a strange being. Sophie, Josh's twin witnesses some odd going ons in the bookstore across the street. When Perry Fleming strolls on into the coffee shop and becomes aware that her, and her husband's arch enemy Dee had found them again. Josh is completely astounded and disbelieving of what his eyes are telling him- that his average nothing out of the ordinary boss is doing magic! How obsurd! Dee, the enemy, keeps asking for a book. In the end Dee ends up kidnapping Perry and taking the book in the process. Josh and Sophie's life just changed dramatically.

The Alchemyst is written really well. It is very descriptive and puts a clear picture in your mind even when its something that doesn't exist.

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